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Data Security

The security of your information, source documents and data is our top priority.


Your source documents are stored on our secure servers. Our system restricts access to all users except you and your dedicated accounting professionals. Your files are password protected and encrypted to prevent loss or access. All files are backed up daily.


When you send us your source documents they are saved in a dedicated client file in chronological order and by type as a completely paperless filing system. Any source document is easily accessible and perfectly organized. We use these source documents to create a computerized accounting system using the accounting package of your choosing.

This file is accessible by your accounting staff and by just one accountant from e–Accounts This accountant becomes the lead accountant on the project and is responsible for the preparation of the financial statements and management reports. The lead accountant will have access to support staff from e–Accounts if the accounts need to be completed fast.

Our servers are secure and password protected, the files are encrypted and each file and folder is password protected.

Non Disclosure Agreements

All staff at e-Accounts are bound by non–disclosure agreements. We always provide signed corporate non–disclosure agreements to customers. Our employees have been thoroughly evaluated prior to being assigned to your accounts. We check backgrounds and references carefully and senior management constantly monitors and reviews client files and internal working practices.